By-Laws of the John Libby Family Association

Article I:NAME
The name of this Association shall be the John Libby Family Association hereafter called the >Association=.

The objects of this Association shall be:
Section 1.  To conduct annual family reunions of the descendants of the immigrant ancestor, John Libby.
Section 2.   To conduct genealogical research concerning the ancestors and descendants of John Libby and to publish the same periodically.
Section 3.   To do all other things desirable to perpetuate the memory of the immigrant ancestor, John Libby.
Section 4.   To establish a Scholarship Fund to be known as the John Libby Scholarship.


Section 1: Membership in this Association is open to all descendants of the immigrant ancestor, John Libby, and any other persons interested in the Libby Family and genealogy.

Section 2: Life Membership, granted on an individual basis, may be obtained by payment of a one time fee. This fee will be set by the Executive Board of the Association, and may or may not include copies of various "Libby books".

Section 3: Annual Membership, granted on an individual basis, may be obtained by paying a fee Annually. This annual fee will be set by the Executive Board of the Association. For this Association "annual" means from one Annual Reunion to the next Annual Reunion, and payment is required whether one attends the Reunions or not.

Section 4: Honorary Membership may be conferred upon an individual who has been deemed to have distinguished themself in a praiseworthy manner towards the Association. Honorary Membership would be granted upon the recommendation and action of the Executive Board, and would include all rights and privileges of a Life Member.

Section 5: As applied to Article III, sections 2 & 3, children under the age of eighteen (18) years of age, living under the same roof as their parents will be eligible under their parents' membership. Students living at home with their parents will be eligible under their parents' membership until the student reaches the age of twenty-one (21) years.

Section 6: Life, Annual and Honorary members shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Association's Newsletter, and eligible for voting privileges at the Annual meeting. The Newsletter publication schedule is set by the Executive Board.

Section 1.   The officers shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, an Editor, a Genealogist, and an Archivist. One person may hold two offices except that of president and Vice-president.
Section 2.   There shall be at least six directors.
Section 3.   The President shall preside at the Annual Meeting, meetings of the Executive Board, appoint committees, and have the power to call meetings.
Section 4.   The Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President, if absent or incapacitated, and any other assigned duties.
Section 5.   The Secretary shall record the minutes of meetings, the Annual meeting and those of the Executive Board, handle correspondence and other assigned duties.
Section 6.   The Treasurer shall perform the duties of the office, keeping accurate accounts, sell shares in the John Libby Family Association, and submit an annual report in writing.
Section 7.   An Editor of the Newsletter (the official circulated news of the Association), shall publish the same twice a year.
Section 8.   The Genealogist shall keep all records and assist members in gathering Libby Family facts.
Section 9.   An Archivist shall be responsible for collecting and caring for Libby memorabilia.
Section 10.   In case of a vacancy, the Executive Board shall appoint a person to fill the unexpired term.
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Section 11.   There shall be a Nominating Committee of three, appointed by the President, to present a slate of officers at the Annual Meeting.

Section 1.   The Officers and Directors shall be the Executive Board.
Section 2.   Seven (7) persons shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business at Executive Board Meetings.

Section 1.   The Annual Meeting, time and place, shall be set by the Executive Board.
Section 2.   Executive Board meetings are at the call of the President, or any three members of the Executive Board.

Section 1.   Membership dues shall be set yearly by the Executive Board.
Section 2.   Fees for publications or other items shall be fixed by the executive Board.

In the event of the dissolution of the JOHN LIBBY FAMILY ASSOCIATION of Scarborough, Maine, after all bills have been paid, the total assets shall be liquidated and given to the Maine Historical Society in accordance with the current government regulations under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. None of the funds shall be inured to the benefit of individuals.

The rules contained in the current edition of ROBERT=S RULES OF ORDER, newly revised, shall govern and be the authority for all meetings of the Association when applicable.

These By-Laws can be amended at any Annual Meeting by a majority vote, providing the amendment has been submitted in the call for that meeting.

The foregoing was approved by a majority vote of membership at the Annual Meeting held on September 22, 2001.   (Signed by the Secretary)