The John Libby Family Association held its first Family Reunion on September 7, 1904 at Central Park in Somersworth, New Hampshire under the name of "Sons and Daughters of Benjamin Libby." In a few years, the name was changed to the one presently used. Except for the World War II years, annual Reunions have been held for the past 100 plus years. In recent years, the Reunions have been held in the John Libby Memorial Hall, which is the Parish House for the First Congregational Church, Black Point Road, Scarborough, Maine. Our Homestead Corporation, disbanded in recent years, contributed $7,500 toward the building fund for this Memorial Hall. As a result, there is a standing invitation to hold our Annual Meeting and Reunions there.

            A semi-annual (at least) newsletter is published and distributed to all members bringing news into a member's home of the activities of our Association and various Libbys. Contributions of newsworthy material from the membership are always welcome. We try to include a feature story in each issue which will be of general interest to all members of the Libby Family. It is through the newsletter that information of the REUNION is disseminated.

                   The Reunion and Annual Meeting is normally held on the fourth Saturday in September. Of recent years, the  Reunion has commenced Friday evening with a catered supper at The John Libby Hall, followed by social time. The highlight of Saturday is the Annual Meeting and the catered group luncheon. Families often gather together Saturday evening at a local restaurant for supper.

               Our Genealogical Committee has previously published VOL. II of THE LIBBY FAMILY 1882-1982. Contributions of information were received from many sources until the number of entities is nearly 6,000. VOL. II is comprised of two books and is currently available. It sells for $90 plus $9 shipping/handling. Also copies of the original 'Libby Family in America - 1602-1881', by C T Libby are available at the same price.

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